Community Pizza & Pot Luck

Community Pizza & Pot Luck

Community Pizza & Pot Luck

Community Pizza & Pot Luck
Sunday, April 30th 1pm -4pm

Hosted by Blueberry Hill and Goshen Friends and Neighbors

Blueberry Hill will prepare pizza from our outside wood fired oven.

  • Bring along a salad or dessert to share if easy enough.
  • You may want to bring a blanket or extra chairs for seating.
  • Don’t let it stop you from attending!

Just come, plenty of pizza for all.

Open to all Goshen residents and visiting family.

Send a quick RSVP with number of guests to so we know how much pizza dough to make! 


Thank you Jim Hayes!

Thank you Jim Hayes!

Thank you Jim Hayes!

Thank you Jim, for your unwavering dedication, hard work, and service to Goshen over the years!

At the March 13th selectboard meeting, Jim Hayes announced his retirement as Road Foreman. Jim has been an integral part of the Town of Goshen in many more ways than just the Road Foreman. His contributions will forever be appreciated and remembered. His hard work, commitment, and dedication are worthy of admiration. And his old-school wit and character will be greatly missed.

Filling his shoes will be an almost impossible task.

Jimmy, we wish you all best in your retirement.

A more formal and detailed post will come later covering all of Jimmy’s contributions and accomplishments over the years, as well as what he plans to do for “retirement”.

As a tribute, the town and community members, are organizing a celebration to honor this one-of-a-kind man, and of his extraordinary service to the Goshen community over the last 50+ years.

June 3, 2023 – 4 PM
Goshen Town Hall

Town Meeting 2023 & Election Results

Town Meeting 2023 & Election Results

Election Results:


Bill Mathis 72
David McKinnon 45
Blank Votes 2


Tammy Walsh 65
Marci Hayes 53
David McKinnon 1


1st Constable
Marci Hayes 71
Shawn Martin 36
Steve Sherrill 2
Blank Votes 10


Barb Walsh 108
Blank Votes  10
Over Votes 1


OVUS Director
Fernanda Canales
Blank Votes


Delinquent Tax Collector
Vickee Whiting 112
Marci Hayes 1
Barb Brown 1
Blank Votes 5


Bill Mathis 102
David McKinnon 2
Chuck Steady 2
Annina Seiler 1
Ethan West 1
Jeff Whiting 1
Blank Votes 10


Trustee of Public Funds
Madine Reed 8
Jim Hayes 1
Jeff Whiting 1
Jeff Cathcart 1
C. Bristol 1
Vickee Whiting 7
Tammy Walsh 3
Andy Raymond 1
Ken Brown 1
Fran Viko 2
Mike Pollozei 2
David Bishop 1
Timmi Moffi 1
Timmi White 1
Marci Hayes 1
Annico Toman 1
Blank Votes 85

A Beautiful Work Day in the Neighborhood

A Beautiful Work Day in the Neighborhood

A Beautiful Work Day in the Neighborhood

Saturday morning, November 5th found a small but ambitious group of volunteers at the Goshen Village Cemetery vigorously attacking the decades old growth of brush and trees that have grown at the East side of the cemetery.

The Walsh/Viko – Town of Goshen cemetery line was, once more, visable. Much more work will need to be done to make this area ready to be mowed but a good start was made in a couple of hours, at no cost to the town. There is brush to be hauled, roots to be dug out and leaves by the bushel to be taken away. In addition, there are more trees towering over 150+ year old grave stones that will, soon need to be removed, rather expensively unfortunately.

Want to help out? Give us a call. More bulbs will be planted in the next couple of weeks if anyone would like to help. As long as our good weather holds, we will keep plugging away at making the final resting place of past Goshen residents a place we can all be proud of. If a Goshen winter comes along sooner than we would like, we will continue in the spring!

Call or speak to any one of the cemetery committee members anytime.
Ken Brown, Lee Baker, Madine Reed

Written and Submitted by Madine Reed

Vickee Whiting – Thank you for your service!

Vickee Whiting – Thank you for your service!

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Vickee Whiting – Thank you for your service!

On August 31, 2022, Susanne George, the current Goshen Treausrer, presented Vickee Whiting with a bouquet of flowers on her last day working as the Asisstant Treasurer. Vickee was the town treasurer for 12 years and stayed on an addtional 6-months to ensure a smooth transition for Suzanne. She officailly submitted her resignation and to the selectboard at the August 22nd meeting.

Vickee will continue in her role as Goshen’s elected Delinquent Tax Collector.

Thank you Vickee for your service to the Goshen Community!