Board of Civil Authority

The Board of Civil Authority (BCA) meets as required by state statute to perform duties associated with elections, property tax assessment appeals, and reapportionment.  The BCA is made up of elected Justices of the Peace, all members of the Selectboard, and the Clerk/Treasurer.

Appointed Officials are appointed by the Selectboard the first meeting after election day.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Board of Civil Authority (from VT Secretary of State’s website): Cite as: 17 V.S.A. § 2451)

  • § 2451. Board of civil authority(b) At any time before an election, the board of civil authority may issue guidance for elections officials that assists officials in conducting elections within the political subdivision. Guidance issued by the board shall not conflict with federal or State elections laws.
  • (c) A quorum of the board of civil authority shall be available at all times when the polls are open, and those members of the board of civil authority present at a polling place shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business relating to the conduct of the election and the qualification and registration of voters at this polling place. (Added 1977, No. 269 (Adj. Sess.), § 1; amended 1979, No. 200 (Adj. Sess.), § 38; 2003, No. 59, § 16.)
  • (a) The board of civil authority shall have charge of the conduct of elections within the political subdivision for which it is elected.

Martin Fjeld, Town Clerk, Chair
Vickee Whiting, Treasurer
Justice(s) of the Peace