Chad Chamberlain

Chad Chamberlain was born in 1955 and raised in Still River, Massachusetts. He graduated from Keene State College in 1977 with a degree in Outdoor and Physical Education. He worked with at-risk-youth for several years, taking them into the wilderness to connect them to nature. In 1983, the same year he met his wife, Fernanda Canales, he purchased the land in Goshen on which he first built a cabin and eventually, a home for his family. Chad and Fernanda, with their then 18 month old daughter Emily, moved to Goshen full time in 1988. Fernanda worked locally at Blueberry Hill Inn, while Chad was still commuting to his teaching job in Massachusetts.

In 1989, two years before his son Ben was born, Chad began teaching physical Education in small rural town schools near Goshen: Leicester, Salisbury, Sudbury and Whiting, where he taught for 32 years with a focus on the outdoors until his retirement in 2021. Now he enjoys working on the land and spending time with his grandchildren, Owen and Eliza.

Chad’s love of Goshen runs deep. He loves exploring the woods and hiking up Mt Romance to sled or jack jump his way down, which he has done hundreds of times. He enjoys learning the history of the town and has served on the Planning Commission since 1990. Recently, we had the pleasure to partake in a community gathering at Blueberry Hill Inn and met several of the younger families now living and raising their children in Goshen, making Chad smile with a grateful heart for the next Goshen generation!