Elsie Buist

A Truly Great “Grandma”

When I think about the town of Goshen dedicating it’s town report to my Grandmother, I guess I should not be surprised. Although she would never call attention to herself, she is a fairly great lady in my eyes. Not only has she lived 98 years, she has clone a lot in her lengthy life. Although not ever benefiting from a college education, she is one of the smartest ladies I know. She spent those years caring for family members as one of the younger women in a large family. In her years, she has said good-bye to each of her siblings, parents and spouse but in her crystal clear mind, stories of her life live on and she shares them from time to time. It stumps me to think of her living in New York with no electric lights and unpaved roads or her first ride in a powered car! Think about the history that has transpired in her nearly 100 year life! When her loving husband chose to move to Vermont, she literally thought he was crazy. She calmly went along, that was how women were taught to act in her time. Now, after 43 years in the great state, my Grandmother attributes her longevity and health to that decision made so long ago by her dear husband. One of her biggest regrets in life is that he could not share this joy with her for very many years. Certainly their love of nature and the beauty that abounds in Vermont has passed on to her family as we visit when ever possible. This is one of the greatest gifts my grandmother has ever received: the gift of Goshen, Vermont!

Leslie Beaulieu
(Granddaughter of Elsie Buist)