Fire Warden

Fire Warden 

A burn permit is required for ALL fires except for a campfire that is contained within a two (2) foot diameter ring, at least a continuous stone ring. The fire must not be left unattended until it is entirely extinguished.

Please remember to always get a permit before burning.
Let’s all work together to keep our community safe and fire free. If you have a fire that gets out of hand call 911 and call me immediately!

The fire warden is in charge of issuing permits for open burning. The general rule is that it is unlawful to start a fire outside to burn brush, weeds, or grass of any kind without a permit from the fire warden or a deputy warden, which states when and where the fire may be started. The warden shallissue written permission within 12 hours of grantingverbal permission. The warden must use common sense and take into account the particular risk posed in order to determine whether a permit should be granted in each individual case.
10 V.S.A. § 2645(a).

Permission to burn is granted only if the town fire warden deems it is safe to do so. During periods that local or statewide bans on issuing permits are in effect, no permits may be granted. Permission to burn from a town fire warden may be in written or verbal form.

A permit from the Town Fire Warden is required for burning brush, weeds, or grass, if within 200 feet of woodland or fields containing dry grass or other inflammable plant material adjoining woodland, except when there is snow on the site.

A warden may refuse to issue a permit if in their judgement the weather or the site conditions create a dangerous situation.

A person is not required to have a permit for a campfire (any fire for cooking or warming) on their own land.

A person is required to have permission for a campfire on lands of another between April 1 and November 1 and such permission can be obtained only from the owner of the land.

Fires kindled for the purpose of burning brush or for other lawful purpose shall be kindled only at such times and under such conditions as will enable the parties starting them to keep them entirely under control and not creating a public nuisance or hazard. Fires must be attended at all times.

A person who builds a fire in or adjoining any woods shall totally extinguish such fire before leaving it.

Town Forest Fire Warden 

Shawn Martin
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Roles & Responsibilities of the Town Forest Fire Warden (from VT Secretary of State’s website):

Town Forest Fire Warden (appointed).
Appointed by the fire commissioner with the approval of the selectboard. Prevents forest fires in the town by enforcing the laws designed to prevent forest fires. 10 V.S.A. § 2641