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Goshen Green-up Day 2022

by | May 10, 2022 | Community Event


Green Up Day this year was a success in both cleaning up along our roadways and spending time with our neighbors over a Green Up Day barbeque lunch.

This year volunteers eagerly signed up and was delivered their green bags to fill and fill they did!  We had over_____of volunteers that traversed our roads to pick up a years worth of roadside litter on a chillier then usual May Saturday.  All in all there was 47 green bags, 17 tires, car parts, metal debris, and various other items that amounted to _____ton of Green Up Waste that was brought to the transfer station.

Dave Sabatini, this years Green Up Coordinator picked up water, fruit, and snacks donated by the local Hannafords Super Market in Brandon.  Marty Field, brought his grill, picnic tables, and family to cook lunch for the community.  Several community members were present and enjoyed the warm meal and conversations as shown in the pictures!   

A huge THANK YOU to all those that donated time, food, and labor to make a scrumptious lunch, and a special THANK YOU, for those that signed up to clean up our roads!  Our Town is more beautiful because of your work! 

Until next year…