Thank you Jim Hayes!

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Town Business

Thank you Jim, for your unwavering dedication, hard work, and service to Goshen over the years!

At the March 13th selectboard meeting, Jim Hayes announced his retirement as Road Foreman. Jim has been an integral part of the Town of Goshen in many more ways than just the Road Foreman. His contributions will forever be appreciated and remembered. His hard work, commitment, and dedication are worthy of admiration. And his old-school wit and character will be greatly missed.

Filling his shoes will be an almost impossible task.

Jimmy, we wish you all best in your retirement.

A more formal and detailed post will come later covering all of Jimmy’s contributions and accomplishments over the years, as well as what he plans to do for “retirement”.

As a tribute, the town and community members, are organizing a celebration to honor this one-of-a-kind man, and of his extraordinary service to the Goshen community over the last 50+ years.

June 3, 2023 – 4 PM
Goshen Town Hall