Town Hall and Grounds Rental

Permission to Use Facility
Civic or community groups, or individual community members, wishing to use the Town Hall facilities are permitted and encouraged to do so. The applicant(s) must fill out a request form and submit it to the selectboard who shall check for scheduling conflicts. Facilities shall be made available without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Important Timelines:   
The Selectboard is required, by law, to regulate all uses of town owned buildings and grounds and they meet two times a month. While every effort is made to accommodate the citizenry, event planners are thus advised to apply one month in advance of their event.

Use Priority and Costs
Use of the Town Hall by citizens and civic entities affiliated with Goshen Town government shall be given priority over any other requested use of the facility. Other than a refundable deposit cost of $50 (refunded after facilities have been assessed for cleanliness and damages), such usage shall be allowed without charge.

Fees for use by other organizations shall be as outlined in Appendix A, see attached. Fees for special and ongoing events will be assessed as deemed appropriate by the Selectboard. Such funds will be collected by the Treasurer and deposited in the building fund account.

Responsibilities of User
Groups or individuals using the facility shall sign an agreement to:

  1. Assume all risks and not hold the Town of Goshen, or any designated town representative responsible for any injury or damage to property or persons occurring during, or resulting from their use of the facility;
  2. The use of alcohol is prohibited unless the applicant produces a certificate of appropriate liability coverage of $1,000,000 and agrees to police their own activities. (Such riders are commonly available through homeowners insurance policies for a nominal cost)
  3. Provide adequate responsible adult supervision;
  4. Assume responsibility for, and make restitution for, any damage to Goshen Town buildings, grounds and property.
  5. Return the facility in a condition at least as clean as that in which it was found with all materials and property left in good repair and returned where found; follow details outlined in Appendix B
  6. Make arrangements with the town representative for opening access, post-event inspection, and lock-up of the facility;
  7. Assume responsibility for making sure there is no smoking in any facility.
  8. Out-of-town rentals and for-profit events must take their garbage and recycling with them.

Failure to assume and comply with these responsibilities may result in the Selectboard denying permission for use of the same group or individual in the future.

Non-Profit Organizations

$50.00 Deposit


For Profit Organizations


$100.00 Fee


*Town of Goshen Residents

$50.00 Deposit

*Fundraiser/Community Event for Town

FREE – No Deposit Required

*A refundable deposit of $50 shall be included in the application.

The deposit will be returned upon an inspection of the building and finding that it has been left at least as clean as it was found and no damage to the building has occurred.

You may email this application

And/or mail or deliver a check, and application if not already emailed, to:

Town Clerk
Town of Goshen
50 Carlisle Hill Road
Goshen, VT 05733

Call Marty Fjeld, Town Clerk
(802) 247-6455



*The button above links to the Rental Agreement Form.
It is printable or you can fill in the form electronically and email it to the selectboard. You will still need to submit your deposit prior to receving rental keys.

APPENDIX B – Set-Up/Clean-Up Instructions

The Goshen Town Hall lower-level rental is ADA accessible and includes use of a full kitchen, large gathering room and (2) ADA accessible bathrooms.
Amenities include:
      • Refrigerator
      • Range stove
      • Microwave
      • Coffee machines
      • Sink
      • Pot holders
      • Pots & pans
      • Serving utensils
      • Serving tray
      • General kitchen utensils
      • Tables
      • Chairs
      • Tablecloths
      • Dish cloths & towels (Linens)
      • Guest Wi-fi Access
For Set-up rental offers access to the following:
    • Please collect the key card/code from the contact you are working with on the rental
    • Use of folding tables and chairs; tables located in stairway to upstairs, chairs on the racks
    • Everything within sight in the kitchen
    • Garbage bags are under the kitchen sink, along with cleaning supplies, if needed.
    • Brooms/mops are located in the utility room
    • Please do not open the white cabinet in center of large gathering room
For Clean-up please complete the following:
    • Please put all furniture back the way you found it
    • Wipe all counters and clean all dishes used
    • Empty both bathroom garbage cans
    • Bag up all garbage and recycling and leave in one spot in the kitchen
    • Leave dirty linens in a clean garbage bag
    • Please put all furniture back the way you found it
    • Please sweep up a large noticeable floor messes
    • Turn off all lights
    • Lock door using key card/card you were provided (if key card, return to mailbox)