The Town of Goshen has two active Constables.  The Constables perform routine rounds and respond to concerns and calls. They are also the Animal Control Officers. The Constables are members of the Vermont Constables Association and routinely attend training.

The Town Constables will correspond with the Vermont State Police, Game Wardens, and Addison County Sherrif for all matters that extend beyond what the Constable Roles and Responsibilities allow to ensure community safety.

The speed limit throughout all of Goshen is 35 mph.  These country roads meandor through peoples farms and yards.  Considerate driving is apprecieated.

A word about dogs in Town…
Goshen does not have a leash law in effect all the time for dogs, dogs are permitted to run freely on your property.  However, a leash law comes into effect if your dog is NOT on your property and NOT under your command while outside. Running at large is not permitted.

First Constable 

Marci Hayes
Cell (802) 345-9076
Home (802) 247-6151

Second Constable

David McKinnon
Cell (802) XXX-XXXX
Home (802) 247-0070

Roles & Responsibilities of the Constables (from VT Secretary of State’s website):

Constable (elected or appointed).
In some towns the constable is the town’s local law enforcement officer, with all powers of search, seizure, and arrest within the town. In other towns, the constable only has the power to serve civil process, assist the health officer in the discharge of his or her duties, destroy unlicensed dogs, kill injured deer, remove disorderly people from town meeting, and, if the first constable, to collect taxes, if no tax collector is elected. Should be good at de-escalating and resolving conflicts. 17 V.S.A. § 2646(7)2651a