Geryll Robinson

Geryll Ann Robinson moved to Vermont in 1968, when she was 18 years old, and never looked back. She was a Goshen resident for 41 years! She loved living in Goshen. She moved here in the early eighties to raise her family. It was here that she made a life for herself and her family, tucked away in the Green Mountains, where she mastered the art of “going your own way.”

She worked for Goshen Mountain Landscaping, owned by her dear friend, Tammy Walsh. Together with Susan Munger, her 30-year life partner, they designed and built beautiful stonework as a lasting testament all over Goshen and Vermont. She had a voracious appetite for learning and in her life mastered many skills, including the art of carpentry, landscaping, stonemasonry, baking, marathon running, and on and on and on. She was fearless in the face of obstacles and never shied away from a challenge. It was this resourcefulness and fortitude that made her an inspiration to all who were lucky to know her.

She also served as an auditor for the town and worked on the recycling committee. She was a house painter, both interior and exterior, again for many folks here in Goshen. She was also clever with any computer or internet problem and would always try to help.

Geryll adored nature and was an avid hiker, spending days in the mountains, hiking the Long Trail, alone or with her friends and family. Her official trail name, given to her by her best hiking friend, Dave Pflander, was “Wrong Way.” Never one
to be deterred, she always found the right way eventually. She was an extraordinary mother to Bryna, and friend to many, taking many a misfit under her wing. Geryll encouraged a strong sense of individuality and independence in her biological and chosen children, gifting them with the freedom and confidence to become anything they wanted. Her Goshen home was a safe harbor for all who needed comfort and peace. She was a wild, weird, and wonderful woman with a fierce, loving, and generous heart. Our secret weapon until the end. A-Holé!

Geryll passed away peacefully on March 26, 2022, at her home in Goshen surrounded by her loving family and friends. She was a true Renaissance woman and will be missed.