The Selectboard serves as the Road Commissioner, they appoint annually a Road Foreman as well as road crew members.  Any driveway, road concerns, questions, and requests for overweight or oversize hauling  in Town, may be directed to the board and Foreman.

The Goshen road crew is a part time crew that works within the budget set by the Townspeople. There are 14 miles of Goshen roads, of which only a few miles is made of pavement.  The Town has a Right of Way that extends 24’9″ feet from the center of the road.  The Town will often maintain the edges and Right of Way areas for ditiching and water run-off managment.

What about mailboxes?  
We often get asked about the location of mailboxes, especially as it relates to winter plowing.  Please refer to the US Post Office regulations on mailbox positioning. The regualtions given are a minimum of what is needed for roadside mailboxes in Goshen. Correct positioning of your mailbox location will help minimize damage to mailboxes durring winter plowing.  If you still have concerns or questions feel free to inquire with the Selectboard or Road Foreman.

Town of Goshen Highway Department Capital Improvement Plan 2020

2020 Funding provided by VTrans Better Roads Program and the Town of Goshen, with the assistance of Addison County Regional Planning Commission and a Fulcrum mobile data collection application.