Zoning Administrator

Goshen is a special place to live!  The small rural town adheres to the bylaws and a Town plan that safeguards  and protects the asthetic beauty, wildlife, and rural nature of the land while providing options for managed development and building projects on properties.  

The Zoning Administrator assists applicants and town officials in understanding the zoning process, and to facilitate the application of permits and hearings.

Before any building projects, change of use, or alterations on your property, please contact the Zoning Administrator to be sure what you do is compliant with Goshen Zoning Bylaws and Town Plan. 

Do I Need A Zoning Permit?

Under Goshen Zoning Bylaw, no building or land development, construction, reconstruction, conversion, relocation or enlargement of any building or other structure may commence without a zoning permit. There are exceptions, however, which include:

  • Maintenance – Normal maintenance, repair, upgrading, or remodeling of a building or structure that nether increases building footprint nor involves a change of use is exempt.
  • Replacement – Replacement of an existing structure or building damaged by fire or other disaster is exempt, provided the new structure is not greater in any dimension and is within the original footprint, and that reconstruction begins within two years of the date of damage.
  • Minor structures – Minor structures of less than 100 square feet in area that are not intended for human occupancy are exempt and do not require a zoning permit. However, minor structures must meet setbacks from roads, boundaries and streams.
  • Farm structures – Farm structures are exempt by law, but you are required to notify the zoning administrator in writing prior to construction to confirm that the structure is exempt under Vermont’s Acceptable Agricultural Practice (AAP) rules and that it meets setbacks from roads, boundaries and streams. Submitting a zoning application (with no fee) is one way to notify the zoning administrator and receive a determination that your structure meets the requirements of an exempt farm structure. This determination can be recorded with the payment of a $10 recording fee.

Keith Arlund
(802) 465-8098

All permits have required fees. These fees are typically for the processing of the permit and are due at application time.

  • Building Permit
  • Certificate of Compliance/Occupancy
  • Sub-division Application
  • Board of Adjustment Form: Waiver or Variance